What is B2C Marketplace Script? How Is It Beneficial to Use

Are you looking for B2C Multi Store/Currency software and an experienced implementation team Alibaba Clone Script that can help you create a B2C Store?

Alibaba Clone Script has the capability to create a B2C Multi Store shop where you can upload and manage products and create a great shopping experience for your customers with its cost effective B2C Script SaaS options.

Alibaba Clone Script has a deep feature set that support B2C e-commerce. If you are a retail or global enterprise its featured and multi country / language capability can let you roll out globally. In addition it also supports other types of stores such as reward points, allowance, employee and optionally punch out catalogs.

100% of the source code is included with its SaaS and licensed editions and via its documentation training. Your teams can extend the software or you can contact it to do as much as you need. It recommends you to schedule a demo to learn more.

  • ·         Highly scalable: You can have hundreds and thousands of products quickly. The product listing is available with a responsive presentation.
  • ·         Personalization of products.
  • ·         Quality marketing solutions creating high ranks on search engines.
  • ·         Deliver high quality responsive design.
  • ·         Capable of supporting complex pricing and inventory.
  • ·         Tweaks, upgrades, changes and anything of these sorts can be done easily as Marketplace script is 100% customizable.
  • ·         Support for Google Analytics.
  • ·         Search Engine Compatible website.
  • ·         User management for sellers, so bigger sellers can manage their store easily.

Do you have a need to create multiple independent stores with separate urls or domains, looks and separate administration pages?

Alibaba Clone Script has multi-store capability out of the box and permits products to be shared from a Master Catalog so that product entry is done one in one place. Orders from all stores can flow to your ERP system. Stores that support different global regions can have independent databases all managed from one database on its admin / erp integration server.

Master Catalog Warehouse (MCW): The MCW is the main warehouse store which stores all the data from every single store together.
Multi Store Capability: Set up multiple stores based on customer groups and/or suppliers in different countries.
Multi Supplier Capability: Support for multiple suppliers to list against the same product, each having their own price.
Department Orders: The Manager can see the orders of the users from his department.
Download Product Catalog: Helps user to download the product profile instantly and they can save it as pdf file.
Product Re-Order: Enhances the customer account page to allow customers to Re-Order from their previous orders.
Comparison Basket: Helps a customer match products with products of similar properties but different values.
Website Bulk Pad: The purpose is to give super buyers, distributors, and whole sellers an option to order in bulk.
Products We Buy: Create a product which will be saved, getting the details of the product created by the customer.
Supplier Buy Leads: All the suppliers in a marketplace can be divided into groups based on credits added in the system.


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